Field Process Engineer

Enschede, Overijssel

The Field Process Engineer is part of the team that is responsible for overall performance of Solmates PLD equipment at customers. The Field Process Engineer plays a crucial role in the flawless collaboration between Solmates and the customer.

As Field Process Engineer you will work at the frontline of chip production and development of new applications. The layers that you develop today will be part of your smartphone tomorrow. Solmates builds unique PLD equipment for the high-volume manufacturing (semiconductor) industry.

Traveling to customers worldwide to collaborate and represent Solmates. You are looking for an adventure on a professional and personal level. As Field Process Engineer you can reside in places where Solmates’ customers (the “big tech” companies) have their production fabs and their R&D labs. For a while you might get to live as an expat in Germany, France, Norway, or Belgium…. but also Asia and USA. Often these projects will take place over a timespan of several months or longer, but shorter projects of one or two weeks are also not uncommon. Expenses, housing, travels, etc. are of course all well taken care of. In between projects, you will also spend time at our headquarters in Enschede.

The Field Process Engineer is the Solmates representative at the customer, sometimes part of a local Solmates team. You develop the PLD process and manage the PLD equipment, analyze the results and provide input & technical expertise on process improvement plans. You possess excellent troubleshooting skills and can use root cause analysis tools to solve difficult technical problems. A key aspect is the communication with the Solmates headquarters and customer; as such a high level of written and spoken English is required. The Field Process Engineer is responsible for documentation of the achieved results.

What to expect in your first months: You will be trained at Solmates in Enschede to get the required base level of expertise. This training consists of courses on the PLD process, gaining deep understanding of Solmates PLD equipment, data processing, develop your overall engineering skills and knowledge of industry standards. You’ll work in the Solmates cleanroom and will familiarize yourself with best practices and work methods. You might already make some (shorter) trips to customers during which you will be accompanying more experienced Field Process Engineers.

Over time your level will rise to the point where you have the ability to train our customers. You’ll be able to dive deep into technical discussions and take ownership of the integration of PLD equipment within productions lines. This is when the real adventure begins…

Main tasks / requirements for a Field Process Engineer:

  • Responsible for qualification of the PLD equipment at the customer
  • Supports the customer with new and existing processes on the Solmates PLD equipment
  • Enjoys traveling to customer sites for shorter and longer time periods
  • Ensures processing stability by planning, training and execution of preventive maintenance
  • Manages relation with the customer
  • Language: advanced level of English (>C1)
  • Generates written procedures of all critical activities
  • Able to operate all required metrology / analysis equipment to determine the quality
  • Gives asked and un-asked input on process performance
  • Provides input for system improvements (stability & process control)
  • Measures & documents hardware characteristics of the system

Required experience

  • Master’s degree or PhD in the field of Electrical, Physical or Chemical engineering
  • Working in cleanroom environment
  • Experience with Semiconductor/deposition equipment