Maintenance engineer / Hardware Specialist (Germany)

Enschede, Overijssel

For a production site in Germany, Munich area, we are looking for a maintenance engineer / hardware specialist who can not only solve equipment issues, but also communicate with the customer and is completely self-sustaining.

This challenging position is ideally for a candidate who has several years of experience of working on semiconductor equipment at various fabs and it is now looking for more responsibility and wants to join our adventure of becoming a leading equipment supplier in this High-Tech industry.

Main items for this position:

  • Background in electrical or other field of engineering
  • Two right hands, very versatile
  • Does not jump to conclusions
  • Basic knowledge/interest in deposition techniques / process engineering
  • Has experience in similar roles at OEM companies, either as sustaining or installation engineer
  • Main contact person for the customer
  • Helps building a local organization for future growth
  • At the end of the day: make sure all systems are up and running