All-round Equipment Engineer (Munich area, Germany)

Enschede, Overijssel

It doesn’t happen often that novel manufacturing technology gets adopted in Semicon industry. Solmates is about to do just that, and this is your opportunity to be part of this exciting adventure!​

​For a production site in Germany, Munich area, we are looking for a maintenance engineer / hardware specialist who can not only solve equipment issues, but also works closely together with the customer to optimize the results and is completely self-sustaining.


You are the creative liaison between Solmates head-office and the Customer, enabling Solmates Pulsed Layer Deposition (PLD) technology integration and qualification into future technology nodes. ​In this pivotal role, the ideal candidate collaborates closely with the customer to establish much wanted combination of consistent quality, high equipment uptime and user-friendly operation. ​Therefore, you’ve broad technical skills (process, hardware, software), excellent communication skills, hands-on mentality, drive and flexibility. ​

Main tasks

  • 1st line repair in case of equipment issues, quickly resolve with Customer Service dpt​
  • Run many hundreds of wafers, gathering statistics over on critical process parameters​
  • Perform periodic maintenance and establish robust 24/7 compatible procedures​
  • Assist customer executing Device Integration, develop the best performing devices in the world​
  • Gathering of RAM tracking data and subsequently implement improvement items​
  • Work with Solmates software dpt to establish Operator friendly user and host interface​

We prefer a candidate with relevant Engineering knowledge and multiple years of Semicon manufacturing experience, ready for more responsibility and the adventure of implementing novel technology. It requires out of the box thinking -based on accurate data collection-as well as thorough problem analysis and team skills to align proposals with Solmates HQ and the Customer.​

Main items for this position:

  • Background in electrical or other field of engineering
  • Two right hands, very versatile
  • Does not jump to conclusions
  • Has experience in similar roles at OEM companies
  • Helps building a local organization for future growth
  • At the end of the day: make sure all systems are up and running

Are you the creative liaison between Solmates head-office and the Customer, enabling Solmates Pulsed Layer Deposition (PLD) technology integration and qualification into future technology nodes? ​

It requires broad technical skills (process, hardware, software), excellent communication skills, hands-on mentality, drive and flexibility. Solmates offers you a rare chance to join a vibrant company (~50 employees) in the midst of an exciting growth phase. ​

Read all details on this vacancy and application on our company website.


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